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NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), is a leading-edge methodology that is used and taught in HR and Business, Professional and Leadership Development all over the world. We look at the way in which we think and process our thoughts, the language patterns we use and how our behaviours interact, to have a positive (or negative) effect on us as individuals, employees, team members, communicators, influencers, decision makers, strategists and leaders.

This deeper level of understanding gives you an increased level of emotional intelligence that can be used to get the best out of yourself, your employees and your business. We combine the latest methodologies in business management, systems thinking, design thinking and change management to help you turn your new-found insights into tangible results for you and your business.

Our training is delivered by our very own Director of Transformation, Lysa Morrison, an Accredited NLP Master Practitioner and Trainer, an ILM and ECCM accredited Professional Coach, MBA graduate and an accredited Real World Group 360 Engaging Leadership Facilitator and Coach.

Lysa has delivered workshops, facilitation, consultancy and key-note talks across the UK and Europe for the last 10 years. Lysa is also an Associate Senior Lecturer at Newcastle University Business School delivering seminars on Managing Change, NLP, Professional Development and Leadership on a range of under and post graduate programmes.

NLP in the Workplace: Increasing personal effectiveness, building better relationships and leading and inspiring people using selected techniques from Neuro Linguistic Programming and other business strategy models and tools, carefully tailored to your organisation

Engaging Stakeholders: Be more effective at engaging and negotiating with your stakeholders. Segment your stakeholders, work out who is most important and why, explore key drivers of different groups and understand why they have different needs, plan to achieve mutually beneficial outcomes

Making Changes Stick: Unpick the shared assumptions, beliefs and values that define your culture and increase your people’s appetite for change without causing stress

Words that Win Hearts & Minds at Work: Learn the simple language tools successful people use to lead, motivate and inspire colleagues and customers, for management, communication, negotiation, sales and planning
Build Resilience, Beat Stress: Pinpoint 7 key areas where you can help your people adapt, respond and bounce back from challenges to improve performance, reduce absence and feel happier at work

Creative Problem Solving Like a Pro: Techniques to get yourself or your team ‘unstuck’, trick yourself into seeing new perspectives, get to the root of a problem in 6 short steps, and use metaphor to bring ideas to life and get the best out of your people

From Productivity To Procrastination: How evolution, stress, boredom and conflicting values conspire against productivity – and what you can do to get, and stay, on the right track

Taming The Top Dogs: Why the beliefs and values that drive how you think and feel are the keys to working well with powerful people: the big personalities, the influential people, the senior managers and the contrasting viewpoints you need to influence

Set The Right Goals, Get The Right Results: We often fail to get the best results when our goals are unclear or simply targets in disguise – learn how to create and pursue clear, motivating goals that keep you on track

Choose your emotions, control your outcomes: Understand the shortcuts our brains take which create assumptions, conflict and emotional responses – then learn the tools to take control and be at your best in any situation

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