Hiscox are a specialist Insurance company employing around 1400 in the UK.

Cintra offer a brilliant service whether you use their outsourcing service or, as we do here at Hiscox, the in house package. Their systems are extremely straight forward and easy to run. Their customer retention percentage is over 95%, which in our profession is incredible. Whenever there is a system change our IT team always comment on how straight forward the installation is and how comprehensive the installation notes are.

The ethos of Cintra is always SERVICE SERVICE SERVICE. The mantra of ‘can do’ runs proudly through everyone at Cintra from Julie on Reception all the way up to Carsten, their CEO. Nothing is ever a problem and they always manage to sort out our worries and concerns. I’ve visited the Cintra offices several times over the years and they are a team that enjoy working and being together. They remind me of a stick of rock as I imagine CINTRA is printed all the way through them!

I’ve been a customer of Cintra now for over 17 years and the range of products, service offered and service given is brilliant. Service offered and service given are different and sometimes other companies get them, shall we say, confused, but with Cintra they do exactly what it says on the tin!

Their communication is second to none. The support team never talk in jargon and offer solutions tailored to your business, rather than something that would temporarily take the problem away, like other payroll providers I have used previously. As well as keeping customers updated via their regular newsletter, Cintra introduced a Client Conference around 6 years ago. These have become something that I look forward to each year. A combination of system and payroll updates along with motivational speakers have made this a must attend event.

I also particularly like Cintra’s attitude towards and participation in charitable activity, to which Hiscox have been happy to make donations towards over the years. The team at Cintra have undertaken many marathons, cycle challenges and much more. They are an absolute credit to the profession.

In the seventeen years I have been a customer of Cintra I have seen their business grow bigger and stronger but the customer satisfaction and service they provide remains the same. I am happy to spread the gospel of Cintra to those who are looking to change their provider. Over the years I have worked with the team at Cintra I have got to know quite a few of them really well. I no longer consider them a company that we pay to provide a service – I consider them as friends. They are a company that live up to their motto, they are the friendly face of HR and Payroll and they do indeed make happy happen!

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