What we stand for...

So what does Cintra stand for?

Wonder no longer, just hover on any letter of our name to find out what we believe in and stand for.

C is for Customer First

We are a genuinely customer-centric organisation, nothing is too much trouble. We always put the customer first and have spent years creating a culture around our customers and their needs. They are at the heart of everything we do and we strive to provide a positive customer experience.

I is for Intelligence

Our customers engage our services because of our specialist knowledge, expertise and professionalism. We’re ahead of the curve with the latest innovations and best practice, ensuring that when existing or potential customers need advice - they come to us.

N is for No Problem

Nothing is a problem at Cintra, we have a positive ‘can-do’ culture and we’re 100% committed to going that extra mile to deliver. We’re always aiming to delight our customers and will go out of our way to help and support our work collegues.

T is for Trust

We are straightforward, open, honest and transparent in all our dealings both with our clients and with each other. There are no hidden costs at Cintra. We value integrity above all, and nurture relationships, internally and with clients, based on trust and mutual respect.

R is for Rewarding Relationships

We build lasting, mutually rewarding relationships with our clients and our colleagues. Our close relationships with our customers increase our understanding of their needs and improve our service. This is reflected within our team - strength and unity are key to our success. We’re a family and we look out for each other, so enjoy tremendous employee tenure and loyalty.

A is for Achievement

We are a market-leading, globally recognised, multi award-winning company because our standards and our expectations are extraordinarily high. We reward achievement. We’re very competitive - we just love to win - coming second will never be good enough for us. We strive to be the best because our customers deserve the best. When we do well a key part of our culture is to spread the love. Visit our charities page to see how we contribute to the wider community.

These principles are an essential part of delivering our service, they inform our culture and guide all our decisions.

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