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Andrew Parsons

Client Sales Manager


Andrew ensures our clients understand current and future services and software options available to them, to add value and streamline their HR and Payroll infrastructure.


Andrew has worked in Payroll and HR for more than 12 years. In 2017 he moved to HR and Payroll sales after 8 years of payroll management in bureau environments. He has exposure to all sectors of payroll, and understands the value in building strong relationships to continuously improve his clients HR and Payroll digital infrastructure.


Andrew is always looking to shorten and digitise any payroll cycle by driving change and giving clear understanding of a return on investment.

Why Cintra?

Because Cintra is always looking to evolve and be number one in the HR & Payroll market.


A keen sportsman, Andrew played 10 years of club rugby before following his wife round the triathlon circuit. He and his wife spend their weekends riding bikes and dog walking.


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