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Andrew Thompson

Support Manager


Overseeing the smooth running of the Support desk.


Andrew has 12 years professional experience in the Payroll industry, all with Cintra.  He spent 5 years in Outsourced Services and has been in the Support department for 7 years. 


Andrew is truly passionate about customer service, which partly comes from his enjoyment of talking to people. He loves being able to play a small part in instigating and sustaining change and improvement of how the software, and therefore Company operates. On the back of the great book ‘the power of positive thinking’, Andrew introduced ‘the Campaign Against Negativity’ to the Support Team.  The golden rule is that you never say anything negative about a situation and the solution will normally fall into place.


Currently Andrew’s time is predominantly spent in ‘dad’s taxi’ mode for his 2 teenage daughters.  He spends a lot of time out in the great outdoors with my dog, Iggy the Border Terrier.


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