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We work with you to review and improve your own systems and how to use Cintra products more effectively to ensure you get the most out of our software.  This can include:

  • Tailored training to suit your needs
  • Advice on how to define processes
  • Training on additional functionality of our systems
  • Review of current and future business needs

Why use Cintra Consult Payroll?

Change in employees
We can tailor training days to meet your specific needs to ensure there is no loss of knowledge following a change in employees. We can also show you how to adapt the software to the skill set of current employees.

Original specifications may be outdated
We review your current and future business needs to identify improvements to your original specification which can solve any difficulties or frustrations you’re currently experiencing.

Maximise your software
Many manual processes can be automated with our software. We can highlight and train you on additional functionality to carry out these previously manual tasks.

Additional Services may benefit you
We can identify and advise on which services could now benefit your business based on your current needs.

Accurate Reporting
We can show you how to run reports to get the information you need and can provide training workshops to fully understand how to use the reporting facility.

Define a process that works
Lack of definition in processes can lead to errors. We help to define a process which works so you can use the system more efficiently.

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Cintra work closely with us to understand our requirements, provide solutions and look at ways to simplify and streamline processes. We continue to be impressed by their collaborative approach, payroll expertise and ability to meet our KPIs which include some challenging deadlines.

Pennie Wickstead, Talent Operations and Reward Lead


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