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Built for companies of any size, Cintra Recruit makes posting jobs online easy. You can manage CV’s and sort through applicants in just a few clicks.

With support beyond compare, our team is on hand to help make the Cinta Recruit experience as easy and seamless as possible.

Why use Cintra Recruit?

Hire The Right Employee

The system includes integrated screening questions that allow you to quickly gauge each candidate’s suitability. It enables you to rank your applicants so you can easily monitor promising candidates throughout the entire application process and ultimately find the right person for the position.

Easily Organise Applicants

The rich administrative interface allows you to post and manage your online job postings quickly and easily. It is designed to help you keep track of notes and the applicant status for each candidate, so you never miss any important details.

Time-saving and Efficient

Cintra Recruit allows you to speed up your entire recruitment process. You can easily pass CV’s to other managers for review, automatically send mass emails, create custom email templates and send digital offer letters to candidates. All of this helps to make the entire process faster and more efficient.

Use Job Boards To Expand Your Search

Post your vacancies on top job boards in order to expand your reach across the internet and find more suitable candidates for the position. We offer a selection of free and premium options that you can choose to advertise on at just one click. Then easily manage and organise your postings through the system.

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What Can You Add To Cintra Recruit?

Video Interviewing

Pre-screen candidates using video interviewing to identify the best applicants in your talent pool. This helps you to:

  • Reduce your overall time-to-hire as no need to schedule.
  • Expand your talent pool and gain more candidate insight from pre-recorded videos.
  • Improve candidate experience by allowing them to answer your questions comfortably, in their own way.

SkillSurvey Reference Check

A cloud-based, data-driven solution that helps you collect detailed job-specific feedback from references.

  • Provides you with access to data that allows you to assess candidates on core competencies and behaviors that are key predictors of job success.
  • SkillSurvey helps reduce turnover and results in better post-hire performance.
  • Increases the overall efficiency of your recruiting process.

Implementation and Set-up

Our dedicated team can assist with implementation and training to ensure you are fully equipped with everything you need to use Cintra Recruit with confidence. They will:

  • Support you on everything from getting your logo uploaded to creating job postings.
  • Offer step by step training so that every user hits the ground running.
  • Be available for support even after training has been completed.


The team at Cintra are first rate. The people are undoubtedly as important as the product they offer. Everyone is approachable, willing to listen and support: a culture that pervades through every Cintra employee.

Pennie Wickstead, Talent Operations and Reward Lead


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