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Gareth Price

Head of Implementation


Gareth is accountable for Cintra’s Migration and Implementation functions, which involves moving both existing and new customers successfully onto our native software and services.


Payroll and HR software have always been a constant thread throughout Gareth’s career, and he brings a wealth of legislative and technical knowledge. Gareth thrives on delivery, as well as continuous improvement to service for both our customers and employees.

Gareth has achieved consistent successful delivery of large and complex projects, including successful setup and redesign of several departments and functions.


To continually improve our delivery to ensure Cintra provides a best in class onboarding experience, and our clients have a superb introduction to a long and valued professional relationship.

Why Cintra?

Cintra has both an ambitious vision and a strong track record. It’s full of customer-centric, talented people who are committed to achieving the important task of paying employees effectively and efficiently.


Outside of work, Gareth has the privilege of being a dad to two boys aged 19 and 8. When he’s not wearing the dad hat, Gareth loves the outdoors and is partial to a swim in the North Sea. He recently acquired a bike using Cintra’s cycle-to-work scheme, and is easing into a carbon-free 20-mile-round work commute.


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