Booklet 480 is the go-to place for payroll and tax professionals.  Provided in pdf format on Gov.UK, it details chapter-by-chapter all you need to know about expenses and benefits processing.  Not only does it cover the legislation and calculations of benefits such as company cars, vans, relocation and loans, importantly, it also covers the things where there is no P11D consideration.

Move to Online

At the end of December 2019, the 480 became available in HTML format.  We speculated that this could mean the demise of the booklet being available in pdf format.  Such is the case as the pdf has now been removed from Gov.UK and HMRC advice is that the HTML format is the chosen preference for this invaluable material.

Previous Years

At present, the 480 is an exact copy of the pdf version.  We anticipate that Gov.UK alerts will follow when changes are made.

If you have a pdf version for previous years, you are strongly advises to keep this, however, ensure that you refer to the online 480 in future.

Booklet 490?

We suspect that the 490 (employee travel) will also follow the 480 to being available online only.  However, at present, it is available as a pdf.

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