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It is extremely hard to keep on top of the changing guidance. In fact, it is almost impossible. However, on 07 May 2020, a change was made that is easy to explain and easy to convey.


Employers / agents had to complete a claim under the CJRS in one session, which time-out after 30 minutes.  As HMRC’s Step-by-Step guide (version 3) still says (as at the time of writing):

The application needs to be done in one session. There is currently no save and return option. Sessions will time out after 30 minutes of inactivity.

Post 07 May 2020

An update to the above guidance reads ‘The service has now been updated and you can save a claim and finish it later’.  The actual guidance itself includes the line:

If you do not finish your claim in one session, you can save a draft. You must complete your claim within 7 days of starting it.

Good news!  I suspect that the Step-by-Step guidance will be changed to version 4 in recognition of this improvement.

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