In respect of the outbreak of coronavirus and the current situation in the UK, we would like to inform you that we are taking all of the necessary measures as prescribed by the relevant authorities to maintain continuity of our services.

Cintra has activated its business continuity plan and is continuing to adapt those measures to the quickly shifting status and government actions to ensure the continuity of our services. Our specific Coronavirus response plan closely monitors the rapidly evolving situation to limit any hindrance to our business as usual and to ensure the continuity of our services to you as our customer. The situation is monitored by your Cintra team daily to protect our employees and client service.

Our Coronavirus response plan includes:

  • A dedicated team with daily monitoring of any COVID-19/corona (potential) infections and quick response to any cases
  • Increased remote working capabilities that allow teams to work from home
  • Alternative measures to continue business critical services in case of high absenteeism levels
  • Enhanced cleaning policy and basic hygiene measures
  • Adapted travel policy including limiting business travel to service delivery critical travel only

It is hard to make suggestions in advance for possible scenarios that may affect your business but should anything happen or be required please let Cintra know as soon as possible so we can see how we can assist. Keeping us in the loop of your contingency planning is key to make sure that they work.

To help us, can you please provide the following information at your earliest convenience:

  • Your latest and most comprehensive contact details. Consider adding additional telephone or email contact details
  • Is there an alternative authorised contact we can set up should the main contact not be able to provide the necessary information and approvals?
  • Ensure you have access to the data required for us to process your payroll (dependent on service)
  • Can you bring forward your payroll processing date?
  • Consider whether manual payslips should be sent out by us if your office is either closed or operating at reduced manning levels

Please send the information to our Head of Quality, Sheila Hughes: If you have additional questions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact Sheila.


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