One of the most frequently asked questions I receive is from people asking where to find training providers. Ahead of National Apprenticeship Week 2020, I thought that I would outline how this can be accessed via the Institute for Apprenticeship and Technical Education’s own Website.


The Trailblazer group, chaired by myself and comprised of employers, developed the apprenticeship to be used by apprentices who spend at least 50% of their time working in England.  Skills is a devolved policy and the new style apprenticeships are not available in other parts of the UK.

Take a look at Gov.UK for information about apprentices in the other countries that comprise our United Kingdom.

Taking on an apprentice

Have a look at the Gov.UK guidance about taking on apprentices England-wide.

Approved apprenticeships under the UK Government’s apprenticeship reforms can also be used with Levy funds.  However, apprenticeships are not just for use by employers that pay the Apprenticeship Levy.

Have a look at the Gov.UK guidance ‘Apprenticeship funding: how it works’.

Why the Payroll Administrator Apprenticeship?

The payroll profession needs to be prepared for the future and, as such, need to be equipped with new blood and fresh ideas.  I think they call this succession planning!

Further, payroll training may not always provide the knowledge, skills and behaviours that are necessary for our profession, both now and in the future.  Therefore, under the reforms, the Trailblazer developed a Standard and End-Point Assessment Plan that was suitable for our profession.  We now have in place a professional apprenticeship qualification at Level 3 that is written by the profession specifically for the profession.

Whilst professional and commercial qualifications both have a place, I am probably more than biased by saying that the Level 3 Payroll Administrator Apprenticeship outlines the requirements of the payroll profession in a professional qualification.

Finding an Apprenticeship Training Provider

Like anything in life, it’s easy when you know how.

The brief guidance below is relevant for all apprenticeships, however, I am tailoring this to looking for apprenticeship training providers for the Level 3 Payroll Administrator Apprenticeship.  This is all done via the FAT (Find Apprenticeship Training) Website:

  1. Find the relevant apprenticeship, in this case the Level 3 Payroll
  2. To the right of the screen, scroll down to the text ‘find apprenticeship training providers who deliver this standard’. Clicking on this accesses the FAT Website
  3. Enter the postcode of the apprentice’s place of work, e.g. in Birmingham, Manchester etc. It is important that it is their place of work and not the location of, say, the head office which could be in another area of the country
  4. Indicate whether you as an employer are a Levy-payer or not. Some providers will only take apprentices from Levy-paying employers
  5. Click:

The FAT Website will then search on the providers who have said that they can train on this apprenticeship.  The results can be sorted by distance (from the postcode) or in ascending or descending alphabetical order.  Further, the results can be filtered by training option so that, for example, only providers that offer the apprenticeship at your location are shown.

Of course…………….

When getting any building work done at home, a wise person always looks at more than one provider and assesses how the work will be done.  The same concept applies.  Look at the providers and ask them to contact you with an outline of how they will deliver the apprenticeship.

What you are searching for is a provider that meets your selection criteria at a cost that is acceptable.  However, overall, you are looking for a provider who will deliver the apprenticeship training in accordance with the learning outcomes that are detailed in the End-Point Assessment Plan.  After all, there is no point investing in an apprenticeship if, when they are assessed, they do not actually gain this professional qualification.

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