Each year at the Cintra Conference in February, we publish and make available to delegates the rates and allowances for the following tax year. Employers and professionals like to have the information in a format that they can refer to at a later date.

Whilst the information is available online, it is hard to consolidate.

With the legislative process complete for 2019/20, we are pleased to make this available via our Intel section of the Website (insert link).  In this pdf document, you will find things such as:

  • Income Tax Allowances, including the tax code uplifts for 2019/20
  • Income Tax rates and thresholds, including those for Scottish and Welsh Taxpayers
  • National Insurance rates and thresholds
  • Statutory payments rates (SSP, SMP etc)
  • Car and van benefit-in-kind thresholds, including the appropriate percentages
  • Student Loans thresholds and deduction percentages
  • Workplace pensions thresholds and deduction percentages and
  • National Minimum Wage rates

We believe that this is a concise was of presenting a lot of data.  However, if you have any suggestions on how we can make this of even greater value to professionals in future years, please do not hesitate to contact us.

You can access the Rates and Allowances document here: Rates and Allowances 2019.20


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