The ROPS list is a must-read for all UK payroll and pensions professionals. It is usually updated twice-monthly on the 1st and the 15th of the month, however this month sees an update posted on 25 April. The ROPS list contains details of all overseas pension schemes that have advised HMRC they want to be included on it. ‘Recognise’ indicates that HMRC recognise the overseas pension scheme as being one that is eligible to receive transfers of UK pension benefits.

The updated list from 25 April 2019 contains the following changes from the ROPS List published 15 April 2019:


The 15 schemes added are:

  • Australia – ABG Super
  • Australia – Honeyeaters Superannuation Fund
  • Australia – JA Russell Super Fund
  • Australia – Jon Gregory Taylor Superannuation Fund
  • Australia – Littledene Superannuation Fund
  • Australia – McKenzie Superannuation Fund
  • Australia – MJ Wood Super
  • Australia – Montanari Superannuation Fund
  • Australia – Pearson-Lemme Superannuation Fund
  • Australia – Tidswell Master Superannuation Plan
  • Hong Kong – Quartermain Staff Retirement Scheme
  • Ireland – Eolas Biomedical SSAP
  • Isle of Man – Hannaaron SIPP
  • Jersey – A & S Investment Company Limited
  • Jersey – Wood Pensions Limited

The 2 removals are:

  • Australia – Harrison Superannuation Fund
  • Guernsey – JRC Retirement Annuity Trust Scheme

No changes or amendments.


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