The ROPS list is a must-read for all UK payroll and pensions professionals. It is updated twice-monthly on the 1st and the 15th of the month, though this will change if those dates fall on a weekend or Bank Holiday. The ROPS list contains details of all overseas pension schemes that have advised HMRC they want to be included on it. ‘Recognise’ indicates that HMRC recognise the overseas pension scheme as being one that is eligible to receive transfers of UK pension benefits.

The updated list from 15 March 2019 contains the following changes from the ROPS List published 01 March 2019:


The 21 schemes added are:

  • Australia – A&E Super Fund
  • Australia – Andy Davidson Super Fund
  • Australia – Blair Family Super Fund
  • Australia – Carley Super Fund
  • Australia – David Cannon Family Super
  • Australia – Griffin Super Fund
  • Australia – Hawkins Family SMSF
  • Australia – Life in the Sun SF
  • Australia – Lingard Family SMSF
  • Australia – McSephney Superannuation Fund
  • Australia – Murgatroyd Super Fund
  • Australia – RG Plus55 SMSF
  • Australia – Robert Celtic Kelly SMSF
  • Australia – Towers-Ferrier Super
  • Australia – Tranquillium Super
  • Guernsey – St Jacques No4 Pension Plan
  • Guernsey – St Jacques No5 Pension Plan
  • Guernsey – St Jacques No6 Pension Plan
  • India – Kotak Lifetime Income Plan
  • Jersey – Indifran Limited
  • Netherlands – Bynder BV by Brand New Day

The 3 removals are:

  • Austria – Bundespensionskasse AG
  • Guernsey – Prosperous Voyage Retirement Annuity Trust Scheme
  • India – Max Life Guaranteed Life Time Income Plan

No changes or amendments.

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