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As lockdown eases and businesses start to open more, many businesses will be considering hiring extra staff. The Northern Ireland Business Information website has recently published a handy checklist for employers in Northern Ireland to follow if they are going to employ someone new.

The checklist sets out the five easy steps for employers to follow and each step can be expanded to provide more detailed information.

The five steps

Check your business is ready to employ staff.

Recruit someone and check they have the right to work in the UK, this process changed from 1 July 2021. Find out if they need an AccessNI criminal records check which may be necessary for certain types of work including healthcare and working with children.

Check if they need to be put into a workplace pension (auto enrolment), don’t forget that eligible job holders cannot opt out of a workplace pension prior to enrolment.

Agree a contract and salary. A written statement of employment particulars must be issued to all new employees (excluding workers and casuals) within two months of employment if they are employed for one month or more in Northern Ireland. These rules may change so that they are aligned with the rest of the UK’s changes which applied from April 2020 but no date has been announced.

Since April 2020 the rules for issuing a written statement of employment particulars changed for England, Scotland and Wales. Certain particulars must be issued on the first day of employment regardless of how long they are employed for. The new rules for England, Scotland and Wales apply to employees and workers.

Make sure the salary offered be at least the correct rate of National Minimum Wage or National Living Wage.

Tell HM Revenue and Customs. (HMRC) about your new employee. You must inform HMRC on or before the employee’s first pay day.

Further information

For further details of the Employer’s Checklist go to here.

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