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Cintra were once again delighted to team up with the North East Branch of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development as an award sponsor for The North East of England CIPD HR&D Awards. Designed to recognize the region’s top companies and employees, the Awards culminated in a glittering ceremony at the new Newcastle Eagles Community Arena.

Regional stalwart, Cintra have supported the awards since their inception 13 years ago and is delighted to have helped the North East CIPD set the standard on a national basis. The North East branch of the CIPD was the first to host such awards, with other regions now following suit with their own version.

Cintra’s long standing support was recognised at the awards with a special message of thanks and wonderful gift bestowed on charismatic CEO, Carsten Staehr.

Commenting on the awards, Cintra CEO Carsten Staehr said: “The CIPD team do a fantastic job of showcasing the innovative and exceptional HR practice in the North East. These awards highlight the vital contribution HR&D makes to the growth and success of our region.”

“Our mantra at Cintra is ‘we make happy happen’. We couldn’t make happy happen for our clients if we didn’t first make happy happen for our staff. Looking after your employees is ultimately fundamental to long term business success, however at Cintra, the wellbeing of our staff has always been core to the culture of our business, which is why we chose to sponsor the Excellence in Health & Wellness Award.

As well as nurturing a culture where employees feel empowered, trusted and valued we increasingly look to initiatives which can improve their overall physical and mental wellbeing, such as subsidised gym memberships and on-site lunchtime yoga sessions…so now our staff can literally bend over backwards for our customers!

It is truly humbling to see the innovative practices demonstrated by our local businesses. The growth and development of both individuals and organisations enabled by such initiatives makes a vital contribution to our vibrant and successful regional economy.”

“Congratulations to worthy winners Aioi Nissay Dowa Europe.”

“The North East is a fantastic place to work: We are proud of our region, proud of the CIPD and proud to be a part of this prestigious event.”

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