When the fundraising director of COCO was looking for inspiration and support to develop a new challenge and fundraising opportunity for the charity, first to step up to the plate and offer his services was CEO of award winning Cintra HR & Payroll Services, Carsten Staehr.

A long-time supporter of the children’s charity, which helps to fund education and healthcare initiatives that make a big difference
to the lives of children living in poverty throughout the developing world, Carsten was ready and willing to become involved.

The fantastic, unique new event involved cycling for 4 days across beautiful Maasai Land.  The Cycle Kenya Challenge gives the opportunity to experience the very heart of the country that COCO projects seek to support.  Although slightly apprehensive, once the cocktail of injections necessary were out of the way, Carsten couldn’t wait to board the plane!

This challenge really takes you back to basics, without the luxuries and technology that are completely taken for granted in everyday life. Not usually lost for words, Carsten readily admitted that it was difficult to sum up his awesome Kenyan experience: “I find it hard to put into words how much the whole experience touched me.  This is also one of the most physically demanding challenges I have participated in.  I’m no stranger to physical exertion, having completed my tenth marathon this year, but the
terrain and the weather combine to make this a real endurance test!  However, to be able to pause en route to feed a giraffe, to swerve to dodge a meandering wildebeest and to wait for a real zebra crossing, make this one of the most unique experiences of my life.”

During the challenge the COCO team were supported by the Maasai tribes-people, delighted and honored to showcase their homeland, whose gracious hospitality and pride in their country was truly heartwarming.  The experience and insight into their culture that the COCO team were able to get was absolutely priceless and one which couldn’t be replicated on an ordinary tourist trip.

Carsten is keen to spread the word of just how much this challenge can enable you to achieve, both personally and in support of
such a great cause: “It not only takes you back to nature – you are very much alongside nature every step of the way.  Although I had thought of this as a once in a lifetime opportunity, I would do it again in a heartbeat!”

For further information on the forthcoming Cycle Kenya Challenge please visit http://www.coco.org.uk

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