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The dedicated Cintra cyclists once again donned their padded shorts and took to the roads to raise funds for one of our favourite charities, Comrades for Children Overseas (COCO).

COCO is an international children’s charity, based in Newcastle upon Tyne and works with communities in remote regions of the developing world on projects that provide children with access to the education that is essential for a good start in life.

An impressive sixteen riders took part in the race, collectively covering 1,024 miles…the total they hope to raise in pounds as a result of their efforts.

For the seasoned cyclists this was a great day out, with ‘King of Descent’, Alastair Green breezing across the finish line in record time, to take the Cintra Cyclone crown.

For some it was practically their first cycle since school days…hence an unplanned detour (Reece ‘The Boxer’ Calvert) and a loose wheel (Joanne ‘The Phenomenon’ Dale)…but all sixteen cyclists crossed the finish line in good time and in high spirits!

Bitten by the cycling bug Emma ‘Delfino di Bibbione’ Hall has already signed up for the next race in October: the Coast and Castles Challenge. This two day event, starting in Edinburgh and finishing at Tynemouth, follows the picturesque but challenging ‘Coast and Castles’ coastal route and covers approximately 170 miles. Watch out Alastair…she’s got you in her sights!

If you would like to join the Cintra cyclists for this amazing two day experience, drop Alex Watt a line for more information.

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