Cintra HR & Payroll Services have been awarded Software Provider of the Year, adding to their huge portfolio of success. Carsten ran to the stage (gracefully) to accept this fantastic honour. Smiling from ear to ear, Carsten expressed how happy he was to receive the prestigious award.

Judged by a panel of industry experts, Cintra fought off tough competition from several multi-national payroll providers to win the prestigious award, presented on Thursday 9th February.

The award recognises a software provider which has shown a consistently high level of customer service throughout the year. The winner will be a provider that has gone the extra mile in ensuring customer satisfaction and whose actions have resulted in significant improvement to a client’s business, e.g. through cost savings, time efficiencies and/or improved services.

The fantastic comments from the judges have left everyone in the office ecstatic!

  • “Clear winner”
  • “Only entry that listened to their customers and gave them what they wanted/needed”
  • “Have had a client for 30 years which is very impressive”
  • “Wonderful retention rate in a competitive market”
  • “Use initiative ways to get information from their customers”
  • “Great testimonials”
  • “Really listened to their customers”

Cintra’s Chief Executive, Carsten Staehr commented: “We are absolutely overjoyed for achieving this award which marks the start of great things for Cintra iQ. As always, our focus is and will always be, keeping our customers at the heart of everything we do, and without them, the development of Cintra iQ would not be possible. What makes it particularly overwhelming is that without strong endorsement from our entire client base, this would not have been possible. We are very lucky to have such strong partnerships and will continue to work hard to make them happy, provide value for money and excellent solutions to meet their requirement now and in the future”.

Cintra iQ has been designed around our customers’ needs and is a single solution for all your HR and Payroll needs. This award winning technology enables us to give you the tools needed to meet strategic objectives from a single solution, while adhering to industry best practice.

Cintra sponsored the Project of the Year Award which recognised a team which has worked on a pay or benefits project, achieving outstanding results for the business and/or its internal customers. We are overjoyed Pret A Manger for myPret was awarded. Congratulations from all of us at Cintra.


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