Cintra employees recently took part and completed a middle-management training program conducted by the North Leadership Centre at Newcastle University.

Steven Dougal, Ned McEvoy, Claire Thornton, Clark Gunn, Matthew Hutton and Michael Hughes were awarded with a certificate in Level 3 Introductory in Management, accredited by the Chartered Management Institute.

The Leadership and Management programme took place over 6 months to enable the students to use their new knowledge. On our request it was a combination of lectures to cover management theory, combined with a workshop approach to discuss real problems.  The students were encouraged to bring day to day problems and challenges to the table and discuss them openly.

The feedback from our employees has been extremely positive, which has pleased Carsten Staehr, CEO, “The training course run by The North Leadership Centre has covered all of the aspects of first line management which we wanted our employees to explore. It has been well-organised and most importantly it has been fun but also educational for our staff. I would have no hesitation in recommending this course to any businesses around the region who may be in the market for a training course designed to better equip their first line Supervisors with the necessary skills to be effective and confident leaders”.

Cintra are confident that this training initiative will yield improved Team Leader capabilities through enhanced skills and confidence, which will improve employee satisfaction and retention and motivated staff will translate into improved performance that in turn will translate into business growth.

Kevin James, Director of the North Leadership Centre at Newcastle University. Kevin said; “My greatest reward is when the students tell me how much the course is helping them to be more effective in their everyday work”.


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