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Cintra HR & Payroll Services is one of the leading providers of Payroll and HR software and services to colleges and schools in the UK. So it was a pleasure and natural choice for Cintra to support Young Enterprise (YE).

Young Enterprise (YE) is a registered charity connecting schools, colleges and universities to businesses through their unique educational programmes to empower the next generation with the confidence, ability and ambition to succeed in a rapidly changing global economy.

Alma Devine, Corporate Fundraiser and Relations Officer at YE commented: “To make this possible, Young Enterprise will issue a call to all key stakeholders to take action. We want politicians to understand and support our work and our goals. We want business leaders and companies to understand how we teach young people about key business and entrepreneurial skills through hands-on experience, and how we need business volunteers to get involved. Finally, we want schools, colleges and universities to value and facilitate opportunities for young people of all ages to take part in stimulating enterprise activities throughout their educational journey.”

The Charter was launched on the 23rd May nationally and in the North East on the 25th May. The theme was ‘building bridges’, and the launch was held on the Millennium Bridge. It refers to the gap in the enterprise education arena, the bridges YE hope to build between young people and experienced business professionals, and finally helping young people navigate the bridge between education and work.

Nham Lee, Sales Manager, Cintra HR & Payroll Services said: “As a socially responsible company, Cintra have always been keen to support local charities and causes either by donating or participating in their events. As an employee who values talent, we believe young people are better equipped with encouragement and experience of the working environment. Through a great incentive such as this we can encourage the future leaders of tomorrow to go above and beyond and secure a strong and thriving future.”


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