The SIR16 data collection is a comprehensive census of the workforce in the Further Education college sector. It is mandatory that all organisations within the sector complete this data export allowing LLUK to carry out detailed analysis of demographics, characteristics, qualifications, location and pay.

This has now become a feature of the latest release of Cintra HR and can be configured easily for any client allowing them to carry out the export with the minimum of effort. This configuration allows the ability to set up a unique UKPRN number that is specific to the organisation which allows the SIR server to identify the files. Furthermore the collection period of the data is also fully configurable allowing the user to specify the ‘To’ and ‘From’ dates for that particular collection.

The SIR functionality also allows the user to enter qualification details particular to every member of staff, this is used in conjunction with the ability to enter a dated history of any present or past contracts. Any of these contracts that fall within the SIR collection period will be exported to a CSV file that will be formatted and named to SIR 16 standards and specifications.

All the validations that are required by SIR will be carried out at the point the user enters the data. This will allow the user to easily spot and fix any errors that may occur during the data input process thus ensuring that the export process will be smooth and trouble free. This technique of validation will nullify the need to deal with large quantities of errors at any time throughout the process.

This is just the latest of our efforts to ensure Cintra HR is the right HR Solution for your organisation.

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