Multi award winning Cintra HR & Payroll Services, a UK leader in flexible payroll and HR systems are celebrating 30 years in business with an extra special client.

Cintra was established in 1981 and thanks to our partnership approach and constant need to exceed customer expectations,our first customer, Crabtree of Gateshead, continue to use us as their payroll software provider.

Cintra toasted the 30th Anniversary at Crabtree’s Team Valley based headquarters.

Chief Executive Carsten Staehr believes our customer focused approach has influenced this remarkable milestone. He said “The provision of business services has become far more sophisticated and integrated. Today we interact, much more closely with our clients, share workload much more flexibly and operate as part of their own business processes. We constantly strive to generate additional value for all of our customers. ”

“We have continued, throughout the past year, to be a successful software and service provider, even in the current tough, economic environment and have been recently recognised as Payroll and HR Software provider of the year by the Chartered Institute of Payroll Professionals.”

Crabtree’s Payroll Manager, Carole Shreeve stated “We have been using Cintra for 30 years and although I constantly receive phone calls throughout the week from other payroll providers, I have no intention or reason for leaving Cintra. The support I receive is truly fantastic.

“Originally, I started using the original C Pay Software, which was unique and reliable in its day. Today I use the Windows edition of Cintra, which continues to be a unique and reliable solution.”

“30 years is a long time, but I hope to continue this partnership for many more years. I could not imagine finding a better solution or company that understands and meets our business needs.”

Partner and founder, John McEvoy believes listening to and understanding our clients has been key to the company’s success. John stated “Fundamentally, we listen, ever more closely, to what customers are asking of us and focus our skills on responding intelligently and creatively.”

“A long time ago we decided to focus on payroll and HR, rather than progressing bespoke software development. As a result we became one of the first four companies to gain accreditation to the HMRC’s software standard in October 2001 and have consistently maintained this standard since. Recently winning Payroll and HR Software Provider of the year by IPP, we hope to continue our success for at least thirty more years!”

The company is still owned by the same two partners, Hugh Keegan and John McEvoy. Head of Development Kevin McEvoy and Senior Software Engineer Paul Belkin are also celebrating thirty years of success with the company, along with many of their colleagues who hope they can make a career at Cintra.

Partner and founder, Hugh Keegan stated “Your first ever customer always has a special place in your affections. To find that 30 years later, you are both thriving, both growing and both happily doing business together is a great cause for celebration”

Continuing the company’s success formula is the focus for Cintra CEO Carsten, who said, “this is a very much a ‘people based’ business. We want to continue to sharpen our focus on listening to, and responding to the needs of our staff and our clients, and building that focus into the heart of all of our processes. We believe the key to growth lies in demonstrating how effective that approach is”.

The products and services are as unique as they are flexible and can be tailored to fit the needs of all customers from one to thousands of employees. Our systems can be deployed as an outsourced, In-house or a fully integrated solution. We also offer a comprehensive range of technical and support services.


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