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Cintra has worked with e–Financial Management for more than 10 years and has a number of joint clients, and we are proud to announce they have teamed up with Mature Accountants to launch IMTB Limited, a unique interim management talent bank for niche markets.

Occasionally, companies may need to fill temporary gaps in staffing, as a result of unavoidable/planned or unpredictable absence from work. In many instances, resorting to the use of a typical recruitment firm to fill an interim role brings with it a lack of continuity and issues of uncertainty. In some cases, the entire process may prove be prohibitively expensive in terms of time and money spent; especially when clients experience problems such as low quality candidates, lengthy processing periods, and geographical limitations.

In recognition of this service gap, IMTB has been launched to provide top level interim solutions in niche markets. Its first two services, ‘Babyinterims maternity/paternity cover’ and ‘Healthyinterims long-term sickness cover’ are ideal for top level positions with immediate need for high quality candidates, including CEO, CFO and COO roles. These cater to a huge market not well served by regular interim agencies and its operational model is transparent and flexible.  With coverage across the UK and overseas, clients have immediate access to hundreds of experienced high calibre interim managers that are reference checked with a verifiable track record of success in their field.

Run by commercial accountants, not recruiters, the company will have a clear understanding of detailed specifications for existing roles, and will be able to closely match requirements with potential candidates, usually within 24 hours of receiving a brief. There are no minimum term contracts and our interims commit for the duration, unlike temps and contractors. Our first client, a private sector company says ‘I am very impressed with the cost, turnaround time and the high calibre of shortlisted candidates selected. The entire recruitment process was thorough, speedy and extremely pleasant’.

IMTB Ltd is a joint venture between Mature Accountants and e-Financial Management Limited. For more information about these services, please visit,, or call 01582 528001, 0845 1299907–8. You may also want to email


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