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Cintra HR and Payroll Services have received HMRC Recognition for handling the following:

For tax year 2008/2009: P14; P35; P45(1); P45(3); P46

For tax year 2008/2009: P11D; P11D(b); P9D

Also: P6; P6B; P9; P35 Notification; P11D(b) Notification; Annual Reminders, Incentive Letter, SL1; SL2

The proven ability to send and receive payroll and other information across the Government Gateway has had a number of clear benefits for Cintra and its customers.

The most obvious of these is in the accuracy of the data that is transferred. XML schema ensure basic structural validation with further validation through the application of specific Business rules.

Data sent via the Government gateway is encrypted so that personal details are protected from unauthorised access.

The whole process is more efficient and faster than reliance upon conventional paper systems. The environmental and cost saving are plain to see as forecast in the original Carter Report.

For PAYE in-year forms (P45/P46) alone the HMRC estimate of businesses who will have switched from Paper to Electronic filing is 1.25 million by 6 April 2011.

Cintra have extended the paper-free paradigm with the introduction of myCintra allowing employees to securely access their own payslips on-line. A number of other employee self-service initiatives are underway to enhance this offering.

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