Cintra HR & Payroll Services are happy to announce a strategic alliance with Danish company Simplex A/S to promote their time & attendance software called TimePlan in the UK.

With customers such as Toys”R”Us, Hilton Hotels, Netto Stores, InterSport and Ikea, TimePlan provide a personnel planning and wage control solution based on the latest technology, which is particularly well suited to the retail sector and which can easily and seamlessly be linked to Cintra’s payroll software.

Cintra’s CEO Carsten Staehr said, “We first encountered TimePlan when we secured Danish furniture retailer IlVA’s payroll contract in the UK, and had to work with them to build an interface to their T&A system. It became clear very quickly that they share our commitment to delivering outstanding customer service and  when we realised that their technology could be easily interfaced to ours, we began to explore how we could extend our working relationship to the benefit of our existing clients. The other thing that convinced us to work in partnership with TimePlan is that their product complements our existing portfolio perfectly and has advanced features that cannot be found in other UK time and attendance systems”.

Henrik Baasch, MD of Simplex A/S, concurred, “Apart from the obvious Danish connection, the main reason we decided to forge closer links with Cintra is that like us, their customers are at the heart of everything they do, and Cintra were very keen to help their customers realise the often substantial cost savings that can be made by using a system such as our TimePlan. In addition, whilst we have customers in Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Czech Republic, among others, we realised a long time ago that the UK market is very different to that on the continent and we had been looking to work with a UK payroll partner for some time, but hadn’t found anyone that we felt sufficiently comfortable to work with, until ILVA introduced us to Cintra”.

Cintra provide one of the most powerful mid-range payroll systems in the UK and their products and services are as unique as they are flexible.

Cintra’s HMRC accredited payroll software can be successfully deployed for organisations ranging from 1 to 10,000 employees, either as a fully managed outsourced Bureau, Online, In-House, or Hosted (ASP) solution.

TimePlan is developed by the Danish company SIMPLEX A/S. The software is mainly used within the retail sector but also within catering, hotels, amusements parks, transport & supply, health care and other service sectors. Apart from traditional time and attendance recording, TimePlan efficiently handles workforce planning of employees according to complex agreements and working time rules. Actual working hours, overtime, additions and absence are recorded and easily exported to payroll.



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