Cintra continue to strengthen their relationship with Newcastle University by working closely together for a mutual benefit. We regularly support the Business School with sponsorship for their events and in turn we regularly use the training facilities at the university.

The most recent event Cintra sponsored was an evening with Gleb Arkhangelsky, a time management expert from Russia. Gleb has written numerous books on the subject of time management and is also an academic advisor and founder of the Russian Time Management community. His impressive client list includes: Government of the Russian Federation, Microsoft, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Deloitte, DHL & Nestle.

Gleb divulged tips, tricks and solutions to manage time more effectively thus ensuring anyone can manage their time efficiently. He believes that people need to improve their work-life balance so the advice he gave allowed you to increase productivity whilst freeing up vital time to do the things you love.

The event gained interest from local businesses and students, making it a huge success with plenty of positive feedback.

Carsten Staehr, CEO, commented “ We are delighted once again to be associated with the Business School and I particularly enjoyed this event as time management is important to any organisation. I thoroughly enjoy the event’s hosted by the University and would recommend the Business School’s events to any organisation.”

Katrina Brownless, Marketing Manager “The event made me question how I use my time, especially the use of my calendar in Outlook and whether or not it is effective or not. I realised there is a lot more I could do in terms of planning and organising. I have taken some great tips away from the event, especially fixed and flexible planning. It was very interesting and I will be attending more events hosted by Newcastle Business School in the future.”


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