A well-known American motivational speaker once said, “We should celebrate success at every available opportunity”. When asked if it were possible to celebrate success too much, he replied, “Yes, but no one ever does!”

As recent recipients of the Outsourcing Provider of the Year Award, we at Cintra are only too well aware of the positive impact that such an award can have on a company or individual.

To this end, we at Cintra HR & Payroll Services are very proud to be associated with this year’s UK Payroll Awards . We are in particular delighted for the opportunity to be associated with the Payroll Student of the Year award which recognises the payroll leaders of tomorrow.

Training, education and personal development is something we are very passionate about at Cintra HR & Payroll Services and we believe it is vital to keep our employees loyal and committed and continue to provide better value for our customers.

We look forward to meeting our peers and clients at the Awards ceremony and awarding the Student of the Year prize to the successful nominee.

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