Cintra HR & Payroll Services is one of the leading providers of Payroll and HR software and services to colleges and schools in the UK.  So it was a natural choice for Cintra to support their new Sales Manager, Nham Lee when she enquired about volunteering for Young Enterprise (YE).

Young Enterprise (YE) is a registered charity connecting schools, colleges and universities to businesses through their unique educational programmes to empower the next generation with the confidence, ability and ambition to succeed in a rapidly changing global economy.

YE assigned Nham to the ‘Our Families’ programme –  a 5 week course, which allows 6/7 year olds to identify what a family is and how family members work together to achieve their goals. Pupils learn to identify and distinguish between need and want.

Nham supported  Mrs Moorleand’s Year 2 class at St Peters RC Primary School just a few minutes drive from the Cintra office in Gateshead.  A bright class of 30 young eager individuals, who took to each task with enthusiasm and tackled each scenario with intelligence and fun.  It was evident that the school had created a good environment for the children to develop as individuals, but also as a member of a team when working in their designated groups.

Nham Lee, Sales Manager Cintra HR & Payroll Service said:“I originally volunteered on the YE programmes because I wanted to pass on my skills and experience of work to inspire the next generation of young people, but in actual fact it was the children who have inspired me, each session is exciting and I get so much satisfaction from teaching the children.  The children have opened my eyes to how they perceive the world and how important it is for people around them to act responsibly and be conscious that our actions have direct impact on how they perceive the world.  They have transformed my attitude.”

Carsten Staehr, CEO, Cintra HR & Payroll Services said: “As a socially responsible company, Cintra has always been keen to support local charities and causes either by donating or participating in their events.  We felt it was important to support Nham in this role as it would contribute to her professional development and increase her awareness of the educational sector, which is a large portion of our clientele. We are delighted that Nham has enjoyed the experience and that the school have found value in our involvement, we will be continuing our support of the programme and looking to encourage more of our employees who may be interested in participating.”

Catherine Marchant YE director said: “It’s thanks to people like Nham that there is such a large amount of original entrepreneurial talent coming through from our young people and those young people are better equipped to enter the real working world. Only by encouraging the future workforce of tomorrow will we help to achieve our vision of a strong and thriving future economy.”

For more information please contact Cintra’s Sales Manager, Nham Lee on: 0191 478 7000, or e-mail nham.lee@

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