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On 4th April 2011 HMRC announced that the introduction of Real Time Information (RTI) will go ahead in 2013 and will begin with a pilot scheme beginning April 2012. Cintra are well on the way to developing their payroll software in order to ease the burden of change for their clients.

RTI will be mandatory for all companies from October 2013. It is a big change and Cintra are committed to helping customers move-over to RTI with minimum disruption to their payroll operation.

HMRC have confirmed that Cintra will be taking part in the pilot scheme, along with eleven of Cintra’s customers who have kindly volunteered to take part.

It is hoped that the introduction of RTI will improve the PAYE system for individuals who have multiple employments making it easier to ensure employees are paying the right amount of tax. RTI will also ease the burden on payroll managers by removing the requirement for in-year and end of year filing.

Suzanne Cowen, Operations Director, commented, “The main drive for us, is to ensure our clients are fully prepared and up to date with all legislation. By developing our software in preparation and working closely with the HMRC, we will be able to ensure our clients have a smooth changeover.”

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