Cintra is proud to sponsor the CIPP Graduation Ceremony, due to be held later this week in Birmingham.

The CIPP do a fantastic job of making sure that the payroll profession achieves the recognition it deserves.  It responds to the changes and pressures the industry faces and provides courses that equip individuals to be the very best that they can be.  Pensions in particular is an area that has seen much change of late – this year alone 12 Cintra staff completed the Certificates in Pensions administration: something which we feel enables us to provide a better level of service for our clients, but more importantly gives our staff the ability to handle queries and future changes with confidence. That is why it is company policy at Cintra that everybody has to be CIPP qualified.

Cintra is a staunch supporter of the CIPP: as industry bodies go it really is at the top of its game.  The information sharing, courses, networking…they are all first rate.  But what really makes the institution great is its members!  They are the heart of the CIPP: their drive, professionalism and thirst for knowledge are what really help to set it apart.  The graduation ceremony is the embodiment of this – celebrating the commitment and success of its members and this important milestone in their career.  It is an honour to support such a prestigious event.

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