Cintra Phoenix is designed to provide our In-house payroll customers with a simple, but effective disaster recovery strategy, based upon the same proven technology that underpins both our Online and Managed payroll solutions.

How It Works:

  • We add Cintra Phoenix to the client’s Cintra payroll and Web services at your premises
  • We establish an encrypted VPN channel to our Phoenix DR Server from your designated fall back client. This may be a personal pc or other off-site computer
  • We obtain an initial complete system snap-shot of your payroll on CD or DVD
  • We enable an agreed remote desktop login
  • We enable Webservices account for you on our server
  • We install a server copy of your payroll on our dedicated Phoenix server
  • We work with you to establish BACS transfer fall back requirements

Once it is successfully installed, any database changes you make are recorded, along with other configuration file changes, such as cost code changes and new adjustments etc.

You also have complete control over when the data changes are transmitted to us, which can be as often or as infrequent as you like.

Sending changes up to our server is a two stage process – you firstly publish the changes, then transmit them, and you can carry out this process any number of times, or do a single transmit if you prefer. Once the data has been transmitted, you can then continue running your payroll, without having to wait for any return from ourselves.

When the data arrives at our server, the package is verified, unpacked and the client database is updated with the latest changes. An acknowledgement log file is returned to the customer.

You can verify the status of your Phoenix DR payroll copy at any time, simply by connecting via your VPN to the remote desktop session on our server.

If you are interested in finding out more about this service then please contact Nham Lee, our sales Manager on 0191 478 7000 or alternatively email her on nham.lee@


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