Cintra HR & Payroll Services are delighted to announce that their 100th client has now gone live with auto enrolment, without a hitch.

Auto Enrolment (AE) represents one of the most significant legislative changes affecting HR departments in recent years and fines for non-compliance could be crippling for an organisation falling foul of the regulations.

As an active contributor to the two most recent legislative changes, Real Time Information (RTI) and Auto Enrolment, Cintra has established itself a respected authority and is therefore able to work effectively with government departments and industry bodies, representing the views of the HR and payroll teams it serves

The driving force behind the development of Cintra’s award winning software however was not just to ensure compliance, but to give clients the choice of how best the process should run in their business: to outsource as much or as little as they needed to and also to be able to successfully use middleware, should that be their preferred route.

Clients have the ability to manage the whole AE process through Cintra iQ.  Our development team has adapted the standard functionality to cover every aspect of AE from employee assessment, employee communications, postponement, calculations, payments, refunds and the production of interface files. In addition, Cintra iQ also enables ongoing assessment of the workforce, multiple definitions of pensionable pay and multiple qualifying schemes.

The team has also developed a bank of interfaces to allow the seamless transfer of contributions to a variety of pension providers.

More importantly all Cintra clients have the choice as to how they wish to fulfil their AE obligations. They have the choice as to whether they:

  • Manage all aspects themselves, using Cintra iQ
  • Manage some of the aspects themselves but outsource certain processes, such as employee letter production.

Long standing client, Hiscox plc explored all of the options above, prior to their staging date.  Cintra worked with them to reach a solution which worked best for them.  Chris Tidy, Payroll Manager for Hiscox said: “With the recent changes to Pensions legislation we approached Cintra for advice on how we could roll out Auto Enrolment to our staff who for whatever reason, had not joined our company pension scheme, in the most effective way.  Cintra, as always, were brilliant!  They met with us to take the time to understand exactly what our requirements were.  They devised a solution for us that not only ensured that our compliance but was also cost effective and easy to use.”

Cintra CEO Carsten Staehr is very proud of its product and work put in across the board by the team at Cintra: “These developments have resulted in state of the art software which provides complete Auto Enrolment (AE) functionality as standard.  This and the bespoke training we have offered, coupled with thorough communication have enabled Cintra’s clients to fulfil their legal obligations efficiently and effectively, with 100 having now gone live with AE, without any issues”.

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