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On Saturday 11th September Cintra took part in COCO’s inaugural Route 66 Cycle Challenge, which saw 6 teams take to the road and cycle a 66 mile route through some of Northumberland’s most picturesque villages.

On their challenging journey, the 16 cyclists, eight of whom were from Cintra, passed through Ponteland, Whalton, Cambo, Wallington and Stamfordham.

COCO is a registered children’s charity working on closely monitored education and healthcare initiatives that make a big difference to the lives of children living in poverty throughout the developing world. The money raised by all teams will go towards COCO’s projects in South Africa, Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda.

Three teams from Cintra took part in the race; Team Cintra One: Carsten Staehr, Nick Pargeter and Lorenzo Mugnai. Team Cintra Two: Alastair Green, Peter Lerdrup and David Mander. Team Cintra Three Clark Gunn, Patrick Cantley and Craig Gillespie.

The winning team, Team Cintra Two, completed the route in 4 hours and 33minutes. Whilst the runners up completed the course in 5 hours and 9 minutes, much to Carsten’s dismay (equipment problems … apparently).

Team Cintra Three completed the challenge in a fantastic time of 6 hours and 38 minutes. They enjoyed the route that much they added an additional 20 miles to their route, so they could take in all of the beautiful scenery surrounding them.

Cintra would like to thank all of the teams taking part, as it is the taking part that counts (isn’t that right Carsten??).

Cintra have raised nearly £2,000 for this worthwhile cause, and donations are still coming in!

Any Cintra client’s wishing to make a donation should contact our CEO Carsten Staehr on 0191 478 7000. All contributions, no matter how small, will be gratefully received.

Alternatively, you can visit the following pages for each of our teams.

Team Cintra One:

Team Cintra Two:

Team Cintra Three:


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