Always striving to offer the best possible service to its clients, Cintra’s Operations Director Suzanne Cowen has taken to the road, in an effort to allay any remaining fears clients may have about RTI.

Although beneficial in the longer term, Real Time Information (RTI) represents a significant change for those involved in payroll. It is hoped that the introduction of RTI will improve the PAYE system for individuals who have multiple employments, making it easier to ensure employees are paying the right amount of tax. RTI will also ease the burden on payroll managers by removing the requirement for in-year and end of year filing. Cintra participated in the pilot scheme in 2012 and is now ready and raring to go, when RTI becomes mandatory for all companies from October 2013.

Suzanne has been heavily involved in the RTI pilot and has worked closely with HMRC to identify and iron out potential issues, in advance.  On the back of this in depth knowledge, she has worked closely with payroll expert Julie Northover to develop a bespoke workshop for Cintra clients.  The workshop is designed to make sure that Cintra customers are fully briefed in relation to the impact of RTI, the new procedures and the responsibilities necessary for compliance.  In addition, the Cintra Development Team has adapted Cintra’s award winning software to ensure that the new requirements are a seamless part of payroll procedure.

Suzanne was taken aback by the enthusiastic, screaming crowds at her first stop in Belfast…only to find that she was sharing a hotel with the X Factor finalists, who like her, were also on tour!

Cintra CEO, Carsten Staehr commented “Cintra are committed to helping customers move over to RTI with minimum disruption. We ensure that we stay abreast of all new initiatives in order to deliver the best possible service to our clients. We make sure that, if you have a payroll headache, Cintra is a very effective painkiller!”

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