Cintra is celebrating its first client’s successful transition to RTI.

On 4th April 2011 HMRC announced that the introduction of Real Time Information (RTI) will go ahead in 2013.  It is hoped that the introduction of RTI will improve the PAYE system for individuals who have multiple employments making it easier to ensure employees are paying the right amount of tax. RTI will also ease the burden on payroll managers by removing the requirement for in-year and end of year filing.  It begins with a pilot scheme in 2012 and will be mandatory for all companies from October 2013.

Although beneficial in the longer term, RTI represents a significant change for those involved in payroll.  The team at Cintra is once again at the forefront of making sure that the transition for their customers is as smooth as possible.   Welcomed by HMRC on to the pilot scheme at the end of last year, Cintra clients didn’t hesitate to participate, knowing that they would be in safe hands.   Mitsubishi Corporation International (Europe) Plc is the first client to go live with RTI, with another 12 set to follow closely behind.

Kim Tupman, Compensation & Benefits Manager of Mitsubishi Corporation International (Europe) Plc said “I was more than happy to participate in the pilot scheme as I know that, whatever happens, Cintra take good care of us.  Not only do they have knowledgeable, fully qualified teams delivering their support, they have the best customer service I have ever encountered.  They do their utmost to ensure that nothing goes wrong, but on a pilot scheme the odd bump in the road is inevitable – being a part of the Cintra family means that I’m cushioned over those bumps! A rejection, a quick phone call to our HMRC contact and a small glitch quickly fixed by Kevin and we had our first successful transmission.  Employees have been paid correctly and on time so hopefully all future transmissions will be as pain free.”

Cintra CEO, Carsten Staehr commented “Cintra are committed to helping customers move over to RTI with minimum disruption.  We ensure that we stay abreast of all new initiatives in order to deliver the best possible service to our clients.  We make sure that, if you have a payroll headache, Cintra is a very effective painkiller!”

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