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Mandatory Gender Pay Gap reporting came to the United Kingdom from April 2017 for reporting within 12 months.  To be more specific, it comes for ‘relevant employers’ with 250 or more ‘relevant employees in:

  • Great Britain in the private and / or voluntary sectors and
  • England in the public sector

There are a number of calculations which must be performed and organisations must publish these calculations with a written statement within a year of their ‘snapshot date’, so for the private sector, this first deadline will be 5th April 2018.  A more in depth look at what is required can be found can be found in the latest Cintra Newsletter – if you would like a copy, just drop us a line.

Further guidance can also be found at: and

At Cintra we understand the headaches that can be caused by new legislation and the ever increasing pressures on HR and payroll teams across the country: Gender Pay Gap reporting seems to be the latest to have everyone reaching for the paracetamol.  Hang fire on the over the counter medication for now…our crack team of developers have been working flat out to make sure that our software can ease the pain.

Cintra has provided software updates to help with establishing the snapshot figures for each employee, and with making the calculations. Feedback on the ease of use of these features has been very positive.

As part of our outsourced services, Cintra is offering Gender Pay Gap Reporting for our clients.  The service is currently being designed along with associated costs. We are also in the process of formulating Gender Pay Gap Reporting workshops.  Full details will be available soon.

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