In its continued quest to make sure that it provides a top notch service to its clients, Cintra has now introduced a training course for staff on its flagship product Cintra iQ.  To ensure that all staff appreciate the full extent of this powerful product, Training Manager Emma Riley has designed a course which covers all aspects of Cintra iQ functionality, from the initial set up, to pensions and Gender Pay Gap reporting.  The course contains 17 modules, culminating in both a written theoretical and a practical exam.

We are delighted that the first cohort, comprising Bureau Team Leaders, Zijad Jasarevic, Dean Norcup, Stacey Rutherford and Tracey Kirton passed with flying colours and are now proud holders of the Cintra iQ driving license.

Zee, Dean, Stacey and Tracey were joined by their colleagues at a graduation ceremony, where they were presented with their certificates by course leader and Training Manager Emma Riley and CEO Carsten Staehr.

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