As Cintra’s National Payroll Week celebrations gather pace the company has another reason to celebrate, following the announcement that it has been shortlisted in two categories in the prestigious CIPP Annual Excellence Awards.

The Awards, taking place next month in Birmingham are a true celebration of an amazing and sometimes underappreciated profession. With over 285 pieces of legislation impacting on the industry in the UK alone and over £446 billion collected through National Insurance and tax contributions, payroll and pensions play a significant role in the UK economy. The CIPP Awards recognise the payroll and pension professionals who have made an outstanding contribution and demonstrated a commitment to excellence in their industry.

Cintra is delighted to have been shortlisted in two categories: Newcommer of the Year (Adam Ellison) and Well-being and employee engagement. The company’s National Payroll Week celebrations are, in fact, a brilliant demonstration of employee engagement, with the whole firm coming together to boost the reserves of the Newcastle Foodbank.

Commenting on the news, CEO Carsten Staehr said: “Well what a week this has been! Firstly, I was totally bowled over by the generous donations from everyone in relation to our collection for the Newcastle Foodbank, followed by the news that we have been shortlisted for two of the CIPP Annual Excellence Awards…it has been a Carlsberg week, that’s for sure. Our National Payroll Week activity is a great demonstration of just how engaged our staff are: the news that the foodbank was struggling for donations following increased demand during the summer months was picked up by our Head of Quality, Sheila Hughes, and the whole company really got behind her initiative, resulting in the largest single donation the foodbank has ever received. Whether we actually bring home the trophy in October or not, I genuinely could not be more proud.”

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