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The 12th Annual Thinking Digital Conference takes place on 15 & 16 May 2019; where delegates will gather to learn about new technologies, hear innovative ideas and begin to understand how our future is being shaped by them.

We are absolutely delighted that our very own Director of Transformation, Lysa Morrison, has been invited to host one of the workshops that form part of this year’s conference.

Perhaps one irony of our digital age is that even as technology continues to pervade nearly all aspects of our working and personal lives, we’re seeing an ever-greater need for enhancing our people skills. As computers take over the more algorithmic and routine tasks, it’s placing a greater spotlight on our ability to build strong relationships, collaborate meaningfully, motivate and inspire our colleagues.

Join Lysa for a fun and interactive workshop where she will explore the key advantage we can bring to the table in this digital world – our emotional intelligence. She will demonstrate how the ability to recognise, navigate and express emotions can bring huge competitive advantage for both individuals and organisations.

Lysa will introduce you to NLP Language and Behaviour Preferences – a tool that enables you to:
• understand the impact you have on yourself and others
• recognise ‘preferences’ in people’s language and behaviour
• engage with and gain ‘buy-in’ from colleagues, investors, customers or stakeholders to create ‘win-win’ outcomes
• Learn how to ‘push the right buttons’ when working with other people
• Develop your leadership, managing change, negotiating and influencing skills

Thinking Digital is always a sell out, so book early: click here to reserve your place and for further details about Lysa’s workshop click here.

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