Thinking Digital is one of the leading events in the tech calendar. It balances world class speakers with thought provoking and innovative workshops and the two day event has just announced an amazing final speaker, Avengers and 007 VFX Specialist, Mark Bakowski.

There is still time to sign up for most aspects of the conference, although places are now very limited.

Unfortunately though if you were hoping to go along to the workshop run by our amazing Director of Transformation, Lysa Morrison: Emotional Intelligence in a Digital World – we are pleased and proud to say that it is SOLD OUT!

Lysa is running a fun and interactive workshop where she will explore the key advantage we can bring to the table in this digital world – our emotional intelligence. She will demonstrate how the ability to recognise, navigate and express emotions can bring huge competitive advantage for both individuals and organisations.

Commenting on the sell-out Lysa said: “I’m absolutely delighted that, particularly at such a tech focused conference, people recognise the importance of these softer skills.”

“Perhaps one irony of our digital age is that even as technology continues to pervade nearly all aspects of our working and personal lives, we’re seeing an ever-greater need for enhancing our people skills. As computers take over the more algorithmic and routine tasks, it’s placing a greater spotlight on our ability to build strong relationships, collaborate meaningfully, motivate and inspire our colleagues.”

According to the Future of Work Global Research Study 2018, the most important aptitudes for the future are soft skills, not technical abilities. Leadership agility and the ability to collaborate are among the most important skills in the future of work. More than 1,000 global leaders from 28 countries around the world were surveyed and while robotics, AI and machine learning will all dramatically impact jobs and the future of work, it is the soft skills that will continue to reign supreme.

Lysa runs a range of courses designed to help organisations get the best out of their people and their business. If you’d like to explore future proofing your most valuable asset, your people, give Lysa a call on 0191 4787000.

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