Payroll experts from 28 European countries met in Switzerland last week to review the service model which has changed the face of HR and payroll delivery across Europe.  The six partners who comprise the Payroll Services Alliance (PSA) have developed a unique offering which delivers unified, cost-effective, customer-focussed payroll solutions across Europe.

The PSA takes a completely different approach to cross border payroll, giving clients a proven alternative to the ‘norm’.  Partners in the PSA all offer ‘best of breed’ local systems, backed by a common service level agreement and global reporting capabilities.  This new approach which allows companies to cherry pick the best solution in each locality has been welcomed by the market, and clients have been truly won over by the ‘service first’ mind-set of the PSA.

Each PSA partner offers market leading HR & payroll solutions, but what really sets the offering apart is the customer focussed culture of each partner and the unique global reporting capabilities which ensure a genuinely seamless service.  Instead of having to deal with several suppliers, clients can rely on one trusted partner who takes care of their entire payroll, no matter where in Europe their requirement, benefiting from one single contract, one dedicated point of contact and one guaranteed service
level agreement.  The bespoke global reporting system, Cubes, allows:
• complete transparency
• the ability to co-ordinate payroll across borders
• consolidation of data from local systems into single currency reports
• an overview of all global payrolls and the information you require at the touch of a button.

Sales in the past twelve months, for UK partner Cintra alone, have increased by 400%, encouraging the PSA to look at expanding their service to include HR, Tax and legal advice.

The conference in Switzerland wasn’t all business however.  Cultural fit is at the heart of this successful partnership, so the gathering was also used to develop an appreciation of each other’s culture, with conference hosts Trianon leading the way with an afternoon of making cheese from scratch, under the watchful eye of the monks at the Carthusian Monastery.

Payroll Services Alliance UK partner Cintra HR & Payroll Services, renowned for its exceptional customer service and award winning software, is delighted with the progress the alliance has made over the last twelve months.  Cintra representatives at the conference, CEO, Carsten Staehr and Sales Manager, Nham Lee are excited by its future potential: “We promised last year that the PSA would change the face of cross border payroll. Clients who have taken up the service in the past twelve months show that customers were ready for the change.  We are always responsive to customer needs and are looking forward to taking the PSA service to the next level.”

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