Close button is a United Kingdom public sector information website created by the Government to replace the individual websites maintained by Government departments.  This central website contains information for 23 ministerial departments and over 400 other agencies and public bodies.

Navigating the website can sometimes be a problem due to hundreds of thousands of pieces of content it contains. are continually trying to improve the site for all users.  

Currently, are asking users for feedback on the HMRC Manuals on the site, as they would like to improve the content of the manuals.  There is an index of all the manuals which can be accessed here.  


There are three feedback routes for comments on the HMRC Manuals, but these routes apply to all content.  Visitors to the site are being urged to use these options so that the website can be improved.

  1. Report a problem with “this page”, which is situated at the bottom of each webpage, will provide anonymous feedback and comments. 
    This is the fastest way of providing feedback which for the HMRC Manuals is sent directly to the HMRC Manuals team.
  2. “Is this page useful?” ‘Yes or No’ is again found at the bottom of each webpage and enables users to rate the page. 
    This option now receives triple the feedback it did previously after this facility was highlighted to users.
  3. ‘Contact’ link to use the form enables the user to provide feedback and obtain a reply.  This final option is sent to the team, which is then passed to the HMRC Manuals team for a response.

Every little counts

It doesn’t matter which route users choose, assures users that every single item of feedback for the manuals will be used to provide a resolution, even if the comments are provided anonymously. are also urging users to report anything from a typo, to a broken link, missing or incorrect information as these enable the subject matter experts to fix errors and improve clarity.

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