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Businesses and individuals who owe a debt to HMRC can enter into an agreement with HMRC which will allow them time to pay.

Recent updates

Guidance on how these arrangements work was first introduced in January 2020. In October 2021 the guidance was updated to include businesses as well as individuals and in November a Welsh translation was added.

A debt owed to HMRC can be for a variety of reasons and HMRC offer bespoke support to customers facing financial hardship.

Tailored options

The “Time to Pay Arrangement” can provide affordable monthly payment options which are tailored to a customer’s circumstances.  The arrangement can cover debts that include penalties and interest if necessary and is designed to be flexible to meet customers’ needs rather than a fixed formal contract.

HMRC set out in their guide their approach to an individual’s debt as well as for business and what information you will need to have to hand when you contact them.

Further information

There is no mention of a specific telephone number to call.  Presumably initial contact would be made with HMRC via the helpline numbers. The full guidance can be found here.

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