Did you know that from this tax year (2011) HMRC will be allowing the issue of electronic P60s and more over they are actively promoting the concept of a paperless office by the use of online portals and downloadable payroll information and bulletins?

Leading the way in online technology Cintra can now offer electronic P60s and payslips to all of our clients through our innovative online product, aptly named, MyCintra.

MyCintra is an exciting service which enables you to provide your employees with access to their payslips and P60s, on our secure servers via the Internet, at the click of a button.

Jessica Ward from Shrewsbury College of Arts and Technology

“myCintra on-line payslips has been a revelation – It has put an end to a large number of payroll queries, as employees are now able to view their payslip information from any computer with internet access. This has enabled me to concentrate on other aspects of my work.

Cintra were very adaptable and tailored the project to suit our needs. The installation was very quick and we had it up and running in no time. I am also very pleased that it now includes on-line P60’s which is another benefit for our employees and the College.”

The Benefits:

  • You can upload as many payslips as you want, as often as you want.
  • Our online payslips and P60s provide a dynamic, drill-down facility, with much more information than could ever be printed on a standard payslip.
  • Save time printing and distributing paper payslips and P60 forms.
  • Save money on stationary and printer consumables/maintenance.
  • Allows your employees to view and if necessary re-print their own payslips and P60s whenever they want, which means you spend less time responding to employee queries.
  • Invaluable to widely-distributed organisations and companies with overseas employees.
  • Last but not least, because no paper is used, and they do not need to be transported from place to place, MyCintra payslips and P60s are much friendlier to the environment.

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