We thought it would be useful to bring together links to all of the tax and NICs tables that you could possibly need for the new tax year 2016/17, including those that apply for P9D and P11D completion for the 2015/16 tax year.


  • P9X ‘Tax codes to use from 06 April 2016’
  • Taxable Pay Tables:
  • Pay Adjustment Tables (slightly amended in light of the Scottish Rate of Income Tax, though the pay adjustment figures are unaffected)

National Insurance


  • CA38 ‘National Insurance Contributions Tables A, H, J, M and Z)
  • CA40 ‘Employee only Contributions’
  • CA41 ‘National Insurance Contributions Tables B and C’
  • CA42 ‘Foreign-going Mariners and Deep-sea Fisherman’
  • CA44 ‘National Insurance for Company Directors’

Tax and National Insurance

  •  CWG2 ‘Employer Further Guide to PAYE and NICs’

Student Loans

As at today’s date, we are waiting for the E17 ‘Collection of Student Loans’ and SL3 ‘Student Loan Deduction Tables’.  However, the links that I have provided will be where they are ‘housed’ when they are made available.

Benefits in Kind (for 2015/16)

  •  Booklet 480 ‘Expenses and Benefits’
  • Booklet 490 ‘Employee Travel’
  • Booklet CA33 ‘Class 1A on National Insurance Contributions on Car and Fuel Benefits’ (the last one that will be published)
  • Booklet CWG5 ‘Class 1A National Insurance Contributions on Benefits in Kind’

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