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The Prime Minister Boris Johnson lifted lockdown restrictions on 19 July 2021 in England and in response the Government has published an update to their guidance on Working Safely during Coronavirus. The guidance for England was last updated in July 2021 as the country moves to step 4 on the roadmap. New sections have been added to cover how to protect yourself and others if you are working in offices, factories, restaurants, pubs, hotels, shops, takeaways, events and attractions and construction.
There is separate guidance for education, childminders and wedding events and a link is provided on

Links to the guidance

The guidance can be found on Gov.UK and refers to safety measure for England, but there are links below to separate guides for Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Generally, the guidance for each country is aimed at employers as well as individuals.

Self-Isolation Rules Changing


In England, the rules on self-isolating as a contact will change on 16 August 2021 for those who have been fully vaccinated and for those under the age of 18. Fully vaccinated is defined as being 14 days after the second dose of the Covid-19 vaccination. Those not fully vaccinated will still be required to isolate if they are contacts and everyone will still have to isolate if they test positive for Covid-19, to protect themselves and others.

Wales & Northern Ireland

The guidance for Wales and Northern Ireland does not appear to have changed since 2020, however, the Welsh guidance for minimising the risks for workplaces and places open to the public was updated in June 2021. Here is the link:

The Northern Ireland Executive are reviewing the situation every four weeks and here is a link to their pathway out of the restrictions:


The guidance for Scotland has been updated nearly every month this year, as the situation evolves. Scottish guidance sets out the five Covid-19 protection levels, 0 to 4 and all of Scotland moved to level 0 on 19 July 2021 with a phased and limited return to offices.
Further guidance for Scottish employers can be found here:

Although the rules for moving out of lockdown will vary for each nation as the situation evolves, a brief summary for employers with workforces based in more than one country within the UK would have been useful.

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