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Cintra is once again spearheading an annual cycle challenge in aid of one of its favourite charities: Commrades of Children Overseas (COCO).

COCO’s purpose is to provide education to create the opportunity for children to break the cycle of poverty and they are currently working with communities in remote areas of Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda.

This year’s Cintra Cycle challenge is the incredible Hadrian’s Cycleway. The Hadrian’s Cycleway is an alternative to the classic Coast-to-Coast, going from the Irish Sea on the West Coast along the world famous Hadrian’s Wall to the North Sea in Tyneside, with a few less hills than the classic C2C route! At 174km long, the route takes you from the Cumbrian sea front, through rolling Northumbrian hills all the way to the magnificent North East coast.

Cintra have proudly held the Cycle Challenge crown now for nine years, although there have been a couple of close calls. Do you think you have what it takes to dethrone the Cintra cycle masters? Sign up here for what is always an amazing two days of fun and fundraising.

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