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Payroll is an increasingly complex profession and there are certain sectors that have their own intricacies which add to the burden. Payroll in the education sector can be especially challenging, as it is typically governed by a regimented structure with very specific conditions and obligations, in addition to external compliance considerations.

Schools, colleges, academies and multi academy trusts all face similar challenges which revolve around:

  • pay structure (spines),
  • work patterns (multi-post, full time, part time, variable hours, variations between academic and operational staff)
  • pension contributions (Local Government Pension Scheme and Teacher’s Pension)
  • specific reporting requirements (Monthly Conciliation Recording (MCR), SIR)

There are pros and cons associated with both in-house processing and outsourcing for the education sector, but whichever solution is right for your organization it is imperative to work with a supplier who has a proven track record in the education sector and understands the complexities and compliance required.

Your software or service provider should be able to demonstrate both an understanding of these sector specific needs and the specialist knowledge necessary to ensure that all staff are paid accurately and on time and that reporting commitments are met.

If you are looking to outsource your payroll, the team of experts at Cintra have an in-depth knowledge and understanding of the requirements of the education sector and already support numerous schools, colleges and academies across the UK. Our Support and Outsourced Services Teams have extensive experience in all aspects of payroll and pensions reporting for the education sector having been a part of the MCR pilot.

Cintra software is designed to cope with the unique challenges faced by schools, academies and colleges, facilitating secure, accurate payroll and reporting at the touch of a button. Cintra software streamlines cumbersome processes and gives the user clarity and control.

Key Features of Cintra SaaS:


Our software is date-driven, which enables easy maintenance of all elements of TPA and LGPS ‘banded’ contributions. The user can also update ‘contractual pay’ and pension percentage deductions by contract if required, effortlessly and accurately backdating pay, tax, NI and pensions contributions.

Post Specific

The post specific structure of Cintra software allows easy facilitation of spine point salary management, multiple job roles and varied working patterns. Once defined at the top level any changes are cascaded through the system, based on pre-determined rules, ensuring accuracy, consistency, and compliance.

Input Multiple Roles Per Employee

Functionality to input multiple contracts of employment for employees, which is linked with both TPA and LGPS.

MCR Module and Teacher’s Pensions

Our software allows users to generate MCR reports with a click of a button, outputting a file to be submitted directly to TPA. As an integral part of the pilot, Cintra have been involved in MCR from the outset, ensuring our software facilitates exactly what is required, with the minimum fuss.

Run Essential Reports

Straightforward and efficient running of key reports, including SIR (essential for colleges), and the production of statutory forms as required by HMRC, TPA and LGPS.

Data Securely Stored

We ensure that your confidential data is stored safely and securely giving you total peace of mind.

Fully Compliant

We comply with all HMRC real-time information and remain informed on any legislation changes which may affect you.

Want to find out more about how our software has been designed for the education sector and how we can support your organisation? Click here and get in touch now.

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